How Lunch Boxes Can Encourage Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Healthy Kids Tiffin

Preparing school lunches can be a challenging task especially if you have young children.  Little kids are typically finicky eaters and usually aren’t too happy about eating their greens. Well don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can encourage your kid to eat healthy. One of the most fool-proof methods to do so is to purchase a brightly colored lunch box for your child, preferably one that features your little one’s favorite cartoon characters.

Gives Your Kid Something to look forward to


Packing lunch boxes for your kids gives them something to look forward to during recess. Pack fruits and vegetables of vibrant colors. Your child’s eyes will gleam with curiosity every time they are about to open their lunch box.

Arrangement is Key

Don’t just toss a peanut-butter sandwich and flip the lid closed. Putting in more effort to assemble your kid’s lunch may encourage them to eat healthy. Try arranging your child’s lunches to look like their favorite cartoon character. Better yet, promote cartoon characters who encourage healthy eating, such as Ethan and Mona. Introducing your kids to Princes of Pilbarra can help them learn the benefits and importance of munching on greens.

Make Lunch Look Inviting

Make the effort to make your child’s lunch box look more inviting. Use an array of colored ingredients that will encourage your child to take a bite. For more inspiration on how to pack healthy yet nutritious lunches, you can check out “Lunchbox Solutions” by Therese Kerr. This book contains tons of brilliant ideas which are easy to execute. The Kerr family including Miranda Kerr & Evan Spiegel are indeed role models when it comes to healthy living. Log on to for more fun filled outdoor adventures.