Why Parents Need to Actively Encourage Students to Pursue STEM Education

Every parent dreams of their child’s success, both personally and career-wise. Several even wonder about the choice of right academic path in order to take the right career direction. We live in an age that is highly dependent on science and technology. Look around and you see artificial intelligence and gizmos, all dominate our lives. It’s, therefore makes sense to invest in an education that can help contribute to this ever-evolving phenomenon.
STEM is the answer. STEM education is rapidly gaining popularity, but kids don’t warm up to the concept from an early age. It so happens that the demand for STEM jobs is sky-rocketing, proving to be an overall great payoff for STEM educational investment. Discussed below are some of the reasons why you as a parent or teacher need to encourage children to pursue STEM education.

Broadened Horizons and Increased Creativity

Technology is rapidly changing in our current technology-based society, impacting almost every aspect of our lives. As corporate cultures and workplaces change with upgraded software, machinery and office equipment, STEM knowledge is vital. Not only does this type of education keep you posted about the current affairs, but also broadens horizons through various experiments, trials and testing. Furthermore, it helps you translate your ideas into inventions.

High Pay

A successful STEM education opens the doors to a rewarding STEM career, which is currently a ‘high paying’ industry. Several research studies show how 63% people with a STEM degree earn more than individuals holding a bachelor’s degree in any other field. Also, 47% of people with a bachelor’s degree in STEM end up making more money as compared to people with a PhD in other fields.

Primary Skills Will Never Get Obsolete

There is no denying the fact that technology is ever-changing, but the basics stay the same. Regardless of the time, the world will need research and math. Since your child will be equipped with the primary knowledge and skills of the scientific method, computers and much more, he will be of great value no matter how things innovate.

Love for the Subject(s)

There is no better reason to encourage your child to pursue with STEM than to bolster their already present love for science, math and technology. If the subject(s) is something they enjoy learning and show their skill at, they deserve all the support and assistance for its pursuit.


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