The Top 5 Popular Characters Based on Elephants (And Why Children Love Them)


One would really have to go to great lengths to find a kid who doesn’t love elephants! An animal that is a depiction of strength, playfulness, kindness, and not to mention the big tusks and trunk is a one highly loved by children and meant to be a pop culture icon. Let’s take a look at 5 popular elephant based characters and the reasons why kids love them immensely.

Hathi, which literally means elephant in Hindi, is a popular elephant character from The Jungle Book who guides an elephant clan. Hathi is a beloved character owing to his leadership skills and an overall forgetful and pompous personality. He is a cheerful chap who likes to loudly sing silly songs while he leads his wife, Winifred Hathi and his herd.
Besides kids, even adults cannot help love Manny the mammoth from the Ice Age series. Manny is a woolly mammoth and an extinct member of an elephant clan that traveled around Europe and North America about 10,000 years ago. He is a rather aloof and reserved character but nevertheless courageous and loving towards his friends.
And how can we forget his hilarious love-hate relationship with Sid the sloth? What Manny teaches us throughout his adventurous journey with his friends is the value of friendship, prioritizing family and never really giving up on your loved ones, qualities most kids appreciate.
3.        DUMBO
An extremely cute 1941 Disney Movie character, Dumbo is born with abnormally large ears which become a source of his continuous ridicule by friends and neighbors. Later, Dumbo discovers that he can use those ears to fly. A steady representation of both cuteness and strength, Dumbo has taught children the importance of resilience and standing one’ ground in tough times without giving in to self loathe. And Dumbo still makes me and my kids cry whenever we watch him!
4.       ELMER
Elmer the patchwork elephant is the leading character of David McKee’s popular children’s books. The character has a highly optimistic and cheerful personality, loves practical jokes and teaches children how it is okay to be different, which is the main reason why kids love this elephant so much.
5.       SHEP
This silly character from the 1967 TV series George of the Jungle is George’s pet who thinks Shep is a dog and treats him like one. Shep responds by acting like a dog. A perfect combination of a dog’s playful personality and an elephant’s overall persona, Shep is highly loved by children worldwide.

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