5 Reasons Why Kids Love Elephants

Elephants, being one of the largest and most energetic mammals, are not only loved by adults but kids as well. They are fascinating creatures with a fun and loving personality, good manners and high intelligence. Let’s look at some reasons specifically explaining why children love elephants:

1.     Natural Tendency

Children aged three and above are naturally inclined to love animals, and elephants are no exception. Their humongous size, shape, color, a long trunk, sharp tusks, and strength, all contribute to a child’s aroused curiosity which drives their interest towards staring and touching them, and even keeping them as pets. Kids, especially boys, tend to appreciate the mammal’s strong form and can become highly interested in how it eats, hunts, sleeps, uses its trunk, and other functions.

2.     Elephant Riding

Most kids who have visited the zoo are fascinated by the large creature carrying happy children around. They too then wish to experience the ride and develop a special love since they view the mammal as a source of great pleasure.

3.     Fun Personality

Elephants love to have fun and play around in the water, spraying all over the place. They also tend to play in groups which can be pleasing for children to watch. Since kids are attracted to positivity and enjoyment, elephants may act as a great form of entertainment.

4.     Books and TV

Famous books, like Dr Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who!, and Horton Hatches The Egg, and others like The World’s Greatest Elephant, Babar, Elmer, The Saggy Baggy Elephant and Grandpa Green are some of the best elephant story books that have won the hearts of countless children. Furthermore, movies like Dumbo, Tarzan, The Jungle Book and George of the Jungle also play a major role in instilling a love of these fascinating creatures in the hearts of kids. Their strength, loving personality, kindness and loyalty are portrayed through media which makes elephants widely loved by children.

5.     They Are Cute and Rolly Polly

Lastly, aside from some old gigantic ones, most elephants are extremely cute and give off an inviting feeling, especially babies. To top it off, they also love goofing around can be calm and friendly with humans if they do not feel threatened by them. They can fetch, play and run around and even caress with their trunks, making them highly lovable.
These are 5 reasons why kids love elephants and why elephant based characters capture their imagination.


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