10 Things Your Kids Should Know about Elephants

Found in both Asia and Africa, elephants are vital to upholding the rich biodiversity of the ecosystem they share with other species. They are fascinating, magnificent animals. Here are 10 things your kids may not know about elephants that will amaze and heighten their love for the animal even more:

1.       Elephants Hug Each Other For Consolation
When distressed and in need for comfort, elephants hug each other by placing their trunks in each other’s mouths, offering solace by means of physical contact.
2.       Elephants Inhabit Matriarchal Societies
If you are a feminist mother, this one is for you. Female elephants dominate the complex social structure of calves and elephants, while their male counterparts prefer to withdraw in isolation or live in small bachelor groups. The mother elephant is the leader that guides the whole pact and no one is to mess around, even the naughtiest of babies. She’s strong, she’s fierce, she’s a protector and above all she’s a compassionate mother.
3.       Elephants Can Also Listen With Their Feet
Besides those big flappy ears, elephants’ feet also help detect rumbling in the ground thanks to sensory cells where vibrations travel all the way down their inner ear.
4.       Baby Elephants Suck Their Trunks Like Babies Suck Their Thumbs
If this wasn’t cute enough, baby elephants also have babysitters and make best friends for life.
5.       Elephants Can Recognize Their Reflection In A Mirror
Although this may not sound so impressive, but human beings only learn this as toddlers, and other animals that can do it are great apes, dolphins and magpies.
6.       Elephants Make Great Parents And Friends
They live in a strong family unit, and love each other compassionately. The mothers are highly protective of their babies and make great effort towards their teaching and upbringing. Elephants also make friends for life and are known to go out of their way to help each other.
7.       Elephants Can Point
Elephants are cognitively advanced and can therefore point with their trunks without any training, unlike most animals.
8.       They Use Sunscreen (Sort Of)
To prevent sunburn, elephants rub sand all over their bodies.
9.       Elephants Never Forget
Elephants have a sharp memory and they can recognize people and other animals even after decades.
10.   They Grieve Their Dead
Wild elephants can stand silently over the bodies of their dead friends for days. They may also pay respect to their bones later.


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