The Top 5 Crops Kids’ Love

It was a couple of months ago that I had to pull my little ones away from our organic garden. I was yelling, “Don’t eat the tomatoes. Your mom needs them for the sauce she’s making”. Well, that didn’t work and as it turns out, I had to head to the farmer’s market to get some tomatoes. What I did realize was that there are some crops that my kids just loved when we planted them in our little garden. Based on my experience, here are the top 5 crops kids will love:

1.     Carrots

Carrots are sweet, look great, and Bugs Bunny loves them. Hence, it is natural for kids to develop an affinity towards them. You can easily plant carrots in your garden and they come with the added pleasure of growing in the ground. There are few other crops that you can actually pull out when harvesting and kids love getting their hands dirty, the little tikes (of course, speaking of my boys).

2.     Beans

Your kids might not want to eat beans once they are grown but since they can be harvested quickly, they are a great option. My kids’ loved when we grew pole beans, though I wasted a lot of time convincing them to eat some.

3.     Sunflowers

Sunflowers are among the rare plants that bring a smile to anyone’s face. Your kids will love sunflowers, not only because they look great, but they grow fast as well. You can also teach the kids to harvest the seeds from the sunflowers once they are grown, adding to the fun and pleasure they derive from it.

4.     Snap Peas

Snap peas are perfect for amateur gardeners. They don’t require much precision to plant, and hence you can let your kids have fun while sowing them. Moreover, moms are usually great at convincing kids to eat peas so this is one crop that will definitely go to the dining table.

5.     Zucchini

Again, this isn’t a crop that your children will want to it, but still it is a fun summer crop to grow. Watching zucchinis grow is exciting, especially when they ripen into large specimen. Not to mention, you can trick your little ones into eating zucchini by using it in a chocolate cake. Look up the recipe on Google and your kids will be all over you to plant zucchini next summer.
All in all, these are 5 crops my kids loved growing in our garden. I’m sure your little ones will draw the same pleasure and joy from them.

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