Health Benefits of Children-Focused Gardening

Children-focused gardening is becoming an integral part of extra-curricular activities at schools. However, this activity usually doesn’t elicit the interest of most students. For instance, my little one exclaimed, “Daddy, I don’t like getting my hands dirty. Teacher asked me to put my hands in the soil. It was icky”.

While I was willing to entertain the reservations my princess had about gardening, I wanted her to be a part of it. For one, all her friends had taken to gardening with much enthusiasm and I didn’t want my little girl feeling left out. Moreover, I recognized it as a great opportunity for my kid to learn about teamwork and also hard work.

However, to my surprise, most parents don’t think about children-focused gardening in the way I do. The reason is simple: they don’t have time to garden with their kids at home and hence they are unable to encourage or guide their kids properly. To convince you to put more effort into getting your children to be involved in gardening at school, here are some health benefits they will gain from it:

·         Getting children involved in gardening has proven to be one of the most effective ways to convince them to eat more fruits and vegetables. They are excited to eat the crops which they helped sow and harvest. As you would know, the more fruits and veggies they eat, the healthier they get. I, for one, am glad I don’t have to convince my kid to eat carrots or peas anymore.

·         Putting hands on the soil doest expose children to different forms of germs and bacteria. However, this proves beneficial as their body equips itself to fight them off. Your child’s immune system will get stronger when he/she is actively involved in gardening. This is one area where you should actually encourage your children to get their hands dirty.

·         You may not realize this but gardening is a proper form of exercise. From digging to watering the crops, there is a lot of movement and physical activity involved in the process. If your kid spends most of his/her time using gadgets, gardening offers a welcome break. Not to mention, spending time under the sun is also good for their health.

These are some health benefits of children-focused gardening. Keep in mind, the key is to encourage your child to participate in the activity wholeheartedly and even reward them for it from time to time.

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