How to Make Organic Gardening with Kids Easier and More Fun

“Did you know we are going to eat these tomatoes that we are planting pretty soon?”, I said to my little girl as she helped me to sow the seeds.

“Really daddy?”, she asked, all curious.

I smiled, knowing I had gotten the reaction I was hoping for. My little princess is now interested in organic gardening.

Like many other parents, I am aware of the many skills that kids can pick up when engaged in organic gardening. However, as you would know, it takes a lot of effort and time to reap the rewards of the hard work you put in. Kids are not as patient as adults, and to truly get them involved, you have to make the process easier and more fun. Here’s a look at some ways in which you can do this:

Allot a Gardening Space for Your Child

An effective way to start is giving your child ownership of the garden. Allot a gardening space where only your child will tend to the plants and take care of other tasks, rather than working with him/her in a larger area. Of course, you will have to be involved and help out, but allowing your kid to work on a specific garden can instill a sense of independence and also make organic gardening more fun.

Opt for Quick Growing Plants

As mentioned, kids lack patience and have short attention spans. The way to get around this is sowing plants that bear fruit quickly. This way, your child will see the results of their efforts in a matter of weeks and this will encourage them to keep at it. Not to mention, your kid will find organic gardening more fun if the plants sprout quickly. For example, you can go for carrots or mint, as they grow 

Go from Garden to Table

Speaking from experience, one of the best ways to get your kids interested in organic gardening is the transition from garden to table. Use the fruits and vegetables you have grown in your organic garden at mealtime. Your kids will see how their efforts have proven useful and this will encourage them to help you more with the garden.

These are some effective ways in which you can make organic gardening with kids easier and more fun.

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