Myths about Organic Gardening Debunked

There’s nothing better than spending your lazy Sunday harvesting different plants and herbs from your own backyard (and then using your freshly harvested produce to make delicious meals in the kitchen). Yes, the joys of organic gardening are endless however, with its immense popularity, there are many myths circulating around the internet that you shouldn’t pay heed to. Here are some important myths that we have debunked:

No pesticides? That means more pests, right?

Wrong. People automatically assume that no pesticides translate to more pests in the garden. The very beauty of organic gardening is that you’re supposed to switch to environmentally friendly and chemical-free alternatives. Some natural alternatives include eucalyptus oil, mineral oil and neem. Animals such as birds and frogs also keep creepy crawlies out of sight.

You have to be a pro at gardening

What, did you think organic gardening was just a great hobby for experts? Well, that is not true. Like other hobbies, all you need to do is brush up on the basics. There is plenty of information out there on the internet so you need not feel intimidated. It is your garden after all hence you are free to grow practically whatever you want.

Organic gardening is time consuming

For starters, gardening itself is a time consuming hobby but if harvesting fresh organic produce brings you utter joy and pleasure, you have spent your time well. The only slightly inconvenient aspect of organic gardening is that you will have to remove the weeds manually. But the satisfaction of putting your hands to good use rather than spraying chemically laden weed killer will certainly make up for all the work.

It makes no difference

Well, that’s a fairly obnoxious thing to say. With organic gardening, you are spending more time outdoors and are eliminating the use of harmful pesticides. Not only does this promote a healthier lifestyle but it also helps you save money. What more could one want?

Organic gardening results in low quality produce

Wrong, again. Organic gardening translates to negligible pesticide residue, higher levels of vitamins and minerals, no genetically modified organisms and of course, superior taste. Additionally, you must adopt techniques such as crop rotation and opt for good quality soil for better produce.

So, you see, organic gardening can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Have fun!

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