Help Your Children Learn Better with Organic Gardening

Over the years, the popularity of organic gardening has risen significantly, with its social and environmental benefits in the limelight. However, what most parents don’t realize is organic gardening is a great way to help your children learn better. If your kids engage in school gardening, they are already on their way to becoming better learners, though the educational benefits of gardening are not discussed as much. Here’s how you can play your part in bolstering your child’s academic prowess through organic gardening:

A Cross-Curricular Activity

Apart from providing you and your kid a chance to bond, organic gardening is a wonderfully cross-curricular activity. It spans the gamut from chemistry, where your kid learns to check the nutrient levels and the pH value of the soil, to math, when he/she measures the weight or number of seeds to be used. You can even take the opportunity to teach your kid about money by discussing the cost of organic gardening.

A Source of Authentic Learning

The conventional learning methods, while effective, don’t come to bear in the practical world. On the other hand, organic gardening involves a set of skills your kid will cherish beyond his/her school life. The most pertinent example of this is when you food your kid the vegetables or fruits that you have grown in your organic garden. It will instill a positive attitude towards the environment in your kid and also show him/her the value of hard work.

A Multi-Discipline Endeavor

In addition to helping your kid learn about different subjects, organic gardening will also teach him/her different skills. Gardening is a multi-discipline endeavor, where visual, verbal, and logical skills come into the picture. For example, you can encourage your kid to measure the size of the garden and then calculate the number of plants you can sow, not to mention, his/her interpersonal and intrapersonal skills will develop through school gardening and gardening at home too.
These are just some of the ways in which you can help your children learn better with organic gardening. Encourage your child to partake in school gardening as well, where he/she will learn teamwork and a host of other skills. All these skills combined will make your child a better learner and enable him/her to perform better at school.

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